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explanation of this page

As most concept descriptions which I have published on my web site change from time to time (mainly short after the initial publication) I have changed the use of URLs. At the main address of a concept (the one of this page) you don't find the newest version of the description any longer (which replaced the last version in the past) but a list of available versions. This offers several advantages:

  1. It becomes easier to follow the changes (which only could be marked by colour before).

  2. If you give the URL of a document to somebody you can be sure that he sees the same document like you before – if that is important for you so that you give away the direct link to the document instead of the one to this versions overview page (which is accessible from the description document though).

  3. I like signing my documents cryptographically. From this overview page you don't have access to the documents only but to their signature files, too (more obvious than this could be achieved from the document itself in a good way). Additionally as is well-known I like to advertise cryptografy.

    You can read an explanation of digital signatures on my IT security page.


I like to receive constructive comments about my publications. Unfotunately I get about one reaction per thousand accesses...

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